Pittsburgh Steelers vs Los Angeles Chargers

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Los Angeles Chargers: Open Thread The last time I forgot to write an open thread the Los Angeles Chargers lost the game. I almost forgot again today, but I got this one going and we should be good to go!

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I am excited for this game. This is a time that our team can show off in prime time. This is a chance for our team to start getting some recognition. We do have a solid squad that is going to compete in the playoffs. We have a team that needs attention and putting a stomping on the Pittsburgh Steelers in their house will get the attention.

I know we will be without Melvin Gordon, but I look forward to seeing Austin Ekeler picking up some big chunks when he gets the ball. It could be a monster game for him. He is going to do it in the air and on the ground.

I expect Philip Rivers to continue from his greatness last week on offense as well. It is Philcember!

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On defense, I am looking forward to seeing Joey Bosa eat. He has been a difference maker in his two games back and the team defense is just going to get better and better with him getting more reps on defense. Looking forward to seeing a strip sack from him tonight and Derwin James picking it up for the score.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are back and home and in December are practically unbeatable. But the Los Angeles Chargers don’t care about all this history. They are in a battle with the Kansas City Chiefs for the AFC West and want to notch another victory. You don’t want to miss this one so here’s everything you need to know so you don’t miss the game.

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